Marvin Rentals is Colorado Springs’s source for the most affordable and highest quality dance floor rentals in town. Renting a dance floor for your event can be a great way to add a touch of elegance and ensure that your guests have a smooth and safe surface to dance on. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or private party, a rented dance floor can add life to your event.

Rent a Dance Floor

Renting a dance floor can be a convenient and versatile option for many events. It allows you to have a dedicated space for dancing that can be easily set up and taken down by our team. This is especially useful if you are hosting an event at a venue that does not have a suitable dance floor or if you are hosting an outdoor event and need a flat, stable surface for dancing.

Choosing a Dance Floor Size

You’ll need to consider the size of the floor you need. While generally, the industry standard is 4.5 square feet per dancer, we recommend ≈6 square feet per dancer for regular club/wedding style dancing. If you intend to have line dancing, we recommend ≈8 square feet per dancer, and for ballroom dancing, we recommend ≈16 square feet per dancer. It’s always better to estimate high, rather than not have enough room for your guests. So if you are in doubt, move up to the next size.

As a general rule, only one out of three guests will end up dancing at the same time, for most events. If you are concerned that will be enough space, you could get a size large enough for up to 50% of your guests to be on the safe side. This table should be used only as a rule of thumb guide, as every group of people and their dancing styles are unique!

Dance Floor Size# of Guests*# of Concurrent Club/Wedding Dancers# of Concurrent Line Dancers# of Concurrent Ballroom Dancers
9×928 – 4214104 (2 couples)
9×1236 – 5418136 (3 couples)
12×1248 – 72 24188 (4 couples)
12×1560 – 90302210 (5 couples)
15×1576 – 114382814 (7 couples)
15×1890 – 135453316 (8 couples)
18×18108 – 162544020 (10 couples)
18×21126 – 189634722 (11 couples)
21×21148 – 222745526 (13 couples)

* Keep in mind this is not the number of concurrent dancers, but number of guests total at a standard wedding or party where the dance style is club dancing. Range is based on 1/3 to 1/2 of your guests dancing concurrently.

Dance floor price includes installation & teardown. If your event is held on grass, dirt, gravel, or any uneven surface, please contact us, as subfloor will need to be added. The standard pricing does not include subflooring, and is for dance floors on a smooth, flat surface, such as concrete, tile, or carpet.