Marvin Rentals is Colorado Springs’s premiere tent rental company. Renting a tent for your event is a beautiful way to provide shade and rain cover to your event. Our commercial canopies are great for outdoor events such as weddings, graduation parties or festivals. Give us a call to determine what size tent rental you’ll need and discuss other setup options, such as sidewalls, lighting and tent heaters.

Our high peak frame tents are priced with installation and teardown. These tents have an elegant center peak, however the center pole sits on cables, and does not interfere with the floorspace of the tent. If you need more coverage, we may be able to connect multiple tents with vinyl gutters.

Need to rent a tent not listed on our site? Call us at (719) 452-8950 and we’ll check with our suppliers or partners to source the tent you need.

Benefits of High Peak Frame Tents

One of the main benefits of a high peak frame tent is its versatility. Frame tents do not require center poles, which allows for more flexibility in terms of design and layout. This means you can create unique and customized spaces that fit the specific needs of your event. You can also make use of the entire space, so you can have a dance floor, stage, dining areas, under a tent or combination of tents. We can connect multiple tents together like “Legos” to create larger tented areas.

Another advantage of frame tents is that they can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including grass, asphalt and concrete. This makes them an ideal option for events that take place in unusual locations or with challenging surfaces.


When possible, we stake with 40 inch stakes which provide the strength needed for Colorado weather.

Staking Requirements

If your tent is being staked, you must call 811 and have all your utilities marked before we will install. You will be required to sign a staking waiver, releasing Marvin Rentals from any liability related to staking our 40″ by 1″ in diameter steel stakes into underground utilities, lines, pipes or other obstacles.

Anchoring Without Stakes

Staking is included in the price, however, if staking is not possible, concrete weights will be required, resulting in an additional cost. The tent site must be approved after we determine it will work with our block dollies. If any hills, gravel, or other rolling hazards are between the truck and the tent site, concrete anchoring may not be possible.

Additionally, our tents can be outfitted with various features, such as sidewalls, lighting, heating, and furnished with tables, chairs, linens, dance floors, stages, catering equipment, pipe and drape, PA systems and more.