We specialize in high quality, commercial grade high peak frame tents. These tents have 2.5″ diameter aluminum pipes, and we use 2″ ratchet straps and 40″ long stakes or 700 pound concrete weights to anchor them to withstand the Colorado weather.

Need a Bigger Tent?

Our tent system can connect multiple tents to create larger layouts. Other sizes we can do: include 20×60, 20×80, 30×40 and more. Additionally, you may choose to align tents in a T-pattern, or have two tents apart from each other with bistro lights strung between the two tents. Custom options are endless. Just call us and let us know what you’re trying to do and we’ll handle the rest.

Two 20x30s connected to make a 20x60.
Two 20x30s connected to make a 20×60.